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Hiking and exploring the bays and beaches of Koh Tao

27th March 2015



After lunch on our third day on the island of Koh Tao we got our walking boots on and set out to do a bit of hiking. We walked for most of the afternoon from Chalok Bay to Sai Nuan Bay, stopping at each bay as we reached them on foot through the jungle, hills and rocks.

After Chalok we walked to June Juea which was absolutely beautiful. White sand and clear waters. No time to stop for a swim today, but we made a mental note to perhaps come back here for some beach time another day.

A sweet little dog was our guide on the stretch of the road between June Juea and Cape Jeda Gang. We turned the wrong way at first and he started following us almost like wondering where we were going. When we realised we were on the wrong course, we turned around. So did he and he started leading the way, every now and then stopping, turning back, making sure we were still following. He lead us from June Juea Bay all the way to Cape Jeda Gang in what proved to be the most tracherous section of the track. When we got close enough to the next bay, he sat down in front of us and wouldn’t budge – almost as if saying to us, ‘I can’t go any further, but you’ll be alright from here’. We gave him some water and then we parted ways. He headed back to June Juea and we turned towards Cape Jeda Gang.

This bay was beautiful, such different  coastline to the previous ones with its huge boulders. We found a little bar where we sat down for some refreshing fruit smoothie. We sat at a bench that was balancing over the rocks of the bay.

Finally we reached Sai Nuan and its beautiful beach and decided to stop here for dinner as the sun started to set. This particular trail would have eventually lead us all the way to Mae Had, so it is a good hike to do if you ever fancy a slightly more advanced trek. The bay where  we eventually called it a day had a really chilled out feel about it. We sat down in the cool wooden stilted structure over the water and had the most amazing cashew chicken ever!

After dinner and a few beers we got in a taxi boat and travelled back around the southern coastline to Chalok. At Chalok The lads had to get out and pull the boat into the bay as the water was so shallow! 🙂 I was just enjoying the view from the boat while getting pulled into the bay. 

Hiking on Tao is great, and there are several different trails to take. Always take plenty of water, good walking shoes, sunscreen and perhaps a hat with you. 

If you are ever in Koh Tao, here are the directions for our hike:

  1. Go to west Chalok, cross the concrete bridge leading to Saan Jao. Take a break at the Viewpoint restaurant with the best angle of the Buddha Rock.
  2. Then go uphill and follow a shady path over to a friendly, quiet bay: June Juea. 
  3. At the end of the bay a steep path goes uphill into thick jungle. After a while you reach Cape Jeda Gang.
  4. From there uphill again, stay on the coast side path until reaching the next bay, Sai Nuan.
  5. Up again you will reach a concrete path leading around the cliff through a hill side resort and finally arrive at the gorgeous Jansom Bay.
  6. Now it is only a 10 min walk through a resort to reach Mae Haad.

This trip should take about 3 hours, so don’t start too late.

This trail and many others can be found in the Koh Tao Info booklet that can be picked up in any shop or restaurant on the island.





























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