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Arriving in Bangkok

5th March 2015

We arrived Bangkok on a very hot Wednesday evening. Found our way through immigration, which I was a bit worried about – travelling on a Hungarian passport, I thought the immigration officials might give me a harder time than your average Brit, Australian or American traveller, but everything went very smoothly. I read on a few websites that we would have to pay 1000 Baht each on entry to Thailand, but we didn’t have to do that. In fact they didn’t ask anything about our onward journey or how much money we had with us, they just waved us through. I was very relieved, but I guess we left the UK completely prepared to all eventuality at passport control. We both got an entry stamp in our passports until the end of March. 

Bangkok International Airport is huge! We spent two hours at the airport after going through passport control and don’t ask me what we were doing for two hours, because I wouldn’t be able to tell you. It’s two hours I completely lost. We were trying to get unto the internet and couldn’t, then found an Internet cafe, we spent about half an hour there. Then we had to find the train station and the right stop for our hotel. 2 hours this took. I only realised when we finally got unto the train and I checked the time. ‘What exactly did we do at the airport for two hours?’ – I asked Adam. He was as baffled as me.

We successfully made our way to our hotel, which was conveniently on the Airport Rail Link, stop before last. The first real view I had of Bangkok was when we got off the train. A lot of city train stations are open air, and a few stories up in the sky, so you get a lovely view if the city. Although it was about 10pm and complete darkness, the view was exciting – a heaving city at nighttime: traffic, noise, lights, busy roads, tall illuminated buildings – a real taste of things to come in the city. Even though late at night, it was still incredibly hot, around 30 degrees! The train was beautifully air conditioned, but once we got off it the heavy, thick and hot Bangkok air almost took our breath away! I took a deep breath – I hadn’t felt this kind of heat for years and I missed it! 🙂 Adam wasn’t as impressed, he much more preferred the air conditioned coolness of the train carriage. 

Our hotel was about 10 minute walk from the train and we were both carrying our massive backpacks. We walked through incredibly busy markets, tuk tuk drivers bartering for our business, freshly cooked food sizzling on market stalls, tiny narrow streets overfilling with people, stalls, scooters and all kinds of goods you can imagine for sale! Everything was suddenly such a sensory overload while we were trying to make our way to our accommodation, it was madness! 

Our hotel was tucked away in a tiny side street in the shadow of Bangkoks tallest building, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel. By the time we got up to our room we were absolutely exhausted and even though we had all intension to go out and explore our surroundings we fell asleep straight away. That’s what travelling across the world does to two thirty-somethings I guess 🙂




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