By on 8th January 2015

Thanks to our friends and family who are connecting to this blog and are using this to follow our adventures in 2015. As most of you know we are Off To see The World !! Yeay !! There had been points when we thought that this time would never actually come; it seemed to take us ages to finally make the decision to do this and to get ourselves together and organised for this trip. It will be mainly me, Andrea writing for this blog, although I am sure Adam will occasionally come and say hello too – he is a better writer than me, so let’s hope so. But mainly we will let our photographs speak for themselves. To kick this blog off, here is a picture of us in Rome 3 years ago, doing what we love best: exploring amazing places and taking pictures! (Although this photo was obviously taken by a very kind stranger. No selfie-sticks back then ;-)).



Andrea and Adam x


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